samedi 23 janvier 2016


The Indonesian police said the multiple terror attack in downtown Jakarta Thursday was orchestrated and financed by Bahrun Naim from ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, He is described as having formed a Southeast Asian branch of ISIS named Katibah al Nusantara for uniting all ISIS supporters in Southeast Asia.

Three Americans and their Iraqi interpreter were kidnapped by a pro-Iranian Shiite militia in the Shiite Dora district of southern Baghdad. DEBKAfile: A large group of American military personnel are in Baghdad to advise the Iraqi army on tactics against ISIS.

Morocco has arrested a Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin who was in direct contact with the perpetrators of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris, in which 130 were murdered..

The Israel Police and the Shin Bet announced Wednesday the capture of a five-member Hizballah cell, planted in Tulkarem by Hassan Nasrallah’s son, for a series of suicide bombing attacks against Israel. They were instructed over social networks to prepared suicide vests and other explosive devices, recruit suicide bombers and spy on military sites and civilian infrastructure for targets. Their funding came from bank transfers from overseas.

The first ISIS unmanned aerial vehicles were seen this week flying over the battlefields of the western Iraqi province of Anbar. Two were shot down by Iraqi Sunni militias, who had been trained and were supported by American military instructors at the big Iraqi Ayn al-Asad airbase in the province. The downed craft when tested at the base facilities showed they were fitted with cameras for spying on the militias that were capable of transmitting images to the jihadists’ rear commands. DEBKAfile: ISIS is preparing to test a drone model armed with missiles or bombs.

The US plans to sell Iraq over 16,000 laser-guided bombs as well as sidewinder missiles and advanced targeting systems for Iraq's F-16 fighters in a deal worth $2 billion. The Pentagon said they will boost the firepower of the F-16s that Iraq started using in September to bomb ISIS. 

The ISIS Sinai affiliate killed five Egyptian policemen in an attack on a checkpoint in the center of El Arish in the northern Sinai on Wednesday night. The drove through in a stolenEgyptian military vehicle and then fled.

The Somali al Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab uses Donald Trump’s call for a temporary shutdown on Muslim entry to the US as a sound bite in an hour-long recruitment video.

In a new video message Sunday, ISIS showed five people it claimed were British spies being shot dead. An ISIS fighter, speaking English with a London accent, derided British Prime Minister David Cameron over Britain's involvement in the war against ISIS, adding, “One day we shall invade your land, when you will be ruled by Sharia."

Both men, brought before a federal jury Thursday, are Palestinians born in Iraq who were granted refugee status in the US. Both are accused of lying to immigration officials to conceal their ties to terrorist organizations. Omar Faraj Saeed Hardan, 24, of Houston, is charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS, including training, and procuring citizenship or naturalization unlawfully by false statements. Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, of Sacramento, California, is charged with traveling from Chicago to Turkey In November 2013, then entering Syria. He reported on social media that he was in Syria “fighting with various terror organizations, including Ansar al-Islam.” There is no sign of any connection between the two defendants.

The Egyptian branch of ISIS claimed the bomb attack which blew up the Sinai pipeline to Jordan. The bomb was placed under the pipeline near Al-Midan in northern Sinai. There were no casualties.

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