mardi 8 octobre 2013

Syrian Intelligence Plans To launch Chemical Missiles Against Israel from Lebanon

Exclusive sources have told Beirut Observer that the Syrian regime is preparing a very dangerous terrorist plot against Lebanon. The plot is executed through targeting various regions of Lebanon --destabilizing Lebanon's stability and security -- through using terrorist groups that entered Lebanon under the slogan of regional Islamic organizations. 

Beirut Observer identified the names of elements specialized in explosives, who have illegally crossed the Lebanese borders, and who are led by "T.A.T" [preceding characters between double quotes as published]. We refrain from publishing the rest of the names at this time. 

These groups aim to carry out terrorist operations including: bombing clerics and politicians' convoys, bombing buses heading to and from the south -- killing the largest number of passengers, preparing booby-trapped cars -- detonating them in the Rafiq al-Hariri International Airport, launching missiles with chemical warheads against Israel from Lebanese territories to ignite the southern front, placing sleeper cells inside Palestinian refugee camps, form groups in southern Lebanon tasked with targeting UNIFIL forces, in addition to placing sleeper cells in the north and in [the governorate of] Akkar. 

Meanwhile, the sources revealed that a Syrian Lieutenant Colonel named Yasir Jassar who works for the Syrian Intelligence Air Force is currently in Tripoli disguised as an official in the Al-Nusrah Front, and is managing terrorist cells preparing for bombing operations.
Beirut Beirut Observer

A cause de la guerre médiatique concernant cette zone d'opérations, cette information devrait être vérifiée.

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