mercredi 25 septembre 2013

FSA Kills Syrian Army Commander Close to Bashar al-Asad

Websites close to Bashar al-Asad regime have confirmed the killing of one of the most important military commanders in Damascus; namely, Staff Colonel Ammar Sharifi, who was in charge of the regime’s campaign on the Damascene neighborhood of Barzah. 

The Free Syrian Army [FSA] managed to kill Sharifi, who was considered one of the closest [commanders] to Bashar.  

This old pictures shows Sharifi with Bashar when the latter was holding the rank of  major. 

Sharifi hailed from Homs countryside, and he was born in 1971. In 1992, Sharifi volunteered in the Armored Corps, and it is said that he became a staff when he was holding the rank of captain; therefore, he was the youngest officers in the regime forces after Basil Hafiz al-Asad. 

Sharifi was transferred to the General Intelligence Directorate before the outbreak of the revolution, and he was killed by the rebels in a well-knit ambush in the morning of 23 September, approximately one week after he assumed the leadership of the Barzah front.

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