mercredi 18 septembre 2013

Writer says chemical Weapons deal exposing Conspiracy on Syria’s Revolution

The scandal of the conspiracy against the Syrian revolution has not been clearer than it is now following the agreement on the disposal of the Syrian chemical weapons. It has been confirmed to everyone with a mind and logic that we are before an international conspiracy coupled with an Arab silence and capitulation at the expense of the Syrian revolution and always in favor of the Zionist entity.

The story about the military strike against the Syrian regime was nothing more than one of the stops of implementing the Zionist wishes with regard to the ongoing conflict in Syria. It is true that there is a dimension pertaining to the standing of Obama and the United States after the latter made statements pertaining to the red lines that the Syrian regime must not cross. However, the more important dimension in this issue is the Israeli dimension because demand of the Zionist entity has been and continues to be the disposal of the chemical weapons out of fear they might later fall into the hands of “groups that cannot be controlled.”

It is known that the policy of attrition in Syria has been and continues to be the Zionist entity’s preferred policy as there is an ongoing destruction of a pivotal state. At the same time, there is now an attrition of Iran, Hizballah, Turkey and the Arab Spring and the instigation of Sunni-Shiite sedition, as we have always reiterated. However, this does not mean guaranteeing the continuation of the attrition indefinitely because despite the ongoing conspiracy, the rebels have been making progress, albeit gradually and slowing, and could one day win the battle. What this means to Netanyahu is the need to dispose of the chemical weapons and after that the long range missiles and perhaps the anti-aircraft missiles so that they would not fall in the hands of the rebels.

Here, they found in the regime’s use of chemical weapons the opportunity to do that. The objective of the strike was merely targeting the storage facilities of the chemical weapons and some other dangerous weapons (long range missiles and anti-aircraft missiles). When the Russian initiative was put forward the Zionists found in it the best opportunity to get rid of those chemical weapons since that would be carried out more accurately and professionally by international inspectors. Obama on the other hand found in the initiative the opportunity to come down from the tree he had climbed amid fears having two dimensions. First, fears that the military operation could develop in a manner that could represent a dilemma. Second, fears that the Congress could refuse to give cover to the strike amid an overwhelming popular rejection of the strike.

In return, it can be said that the regime was defeated by terror because it sold the chemical weapon it had purchased to improve the balance of deterrence with the enemy and paid for it from the bread of the Syrians. It sold it for the sake of its survival although the strike would not in any case have aimed to topple it and the Zionists would not have allowed it to be toppled to begin with. Also, strikes lasting three days cannot topple a regime no matter how fragile it is but the regime feared repercussions that would be difficult to predict and therefore it chose safety by selling the chemical weapons.

As things stand, the Russians, who have in practice become the custodians of the regime, are no less eager to protect the security of the Zionist state than the Americans. When Netanyahu asked them to stop the S300 missiles they stopped and they did the same with Iran. However, the Russians are offering their goods in a clever way because they are using their custodianship over the regime within the framework of affirming their international presence (and they have actually succeeded in that) under a polar plurality that has become a general characteristic in the international scene.

The thing that we should always remember and also of which we remind those who relied on the Americans and their strike is that it is the Americans who have prevented the revolution from making progress by denying the qualitative weapons. The Americans pressured the supporting countries not to provide the rebels with qualitative weapons that would enable them to win and subsequently they were not planning to topple the regime.

It can be said now that the Zionists have found in the chemical weapons deal the opportunity to get rid of this kind of weapon in Syria but the thing that is no less important is that they found in this deal a stop to get rid of the Iranian nuclear program by concluding a deal with Iran which would include the lifting of sanctions and keeping Bashar in power. This is a fantastic deal because keeping Bashar weak and exhausted is required in any case regardless of the fate of the Iranian nuclear program and that is instead of the arrival of others whose behavior would be difficult to predict.

It can be said here that what has happened represent a blow to the Arab countries, along with Turkey, that support the revolution. They provided the cover and also the funding for the strike but were not consulted in anything before the strike was cancelled or postponed and they were also not consulted about the new agreement. They should respond to this by adopting a decisive stand through a road map for rescuing the Syrian people which must include qualitative weapons and clearer intervention.

All that is left to say is that what the American, Zionists and Russians want is not destiny even if the supporting Arabs do not move in the required manner and even if that led to a much longer attrition. It is an attrition that cannot end with the victory of Bashar and a return to the situation that had existed before regardless of the price and whatever the sacrifices.

The other aspect of the scandal is represented by the position of the regime, Iran and army of Arab thugs because they deemed the Russian initiative and Washington’s acceptance of it a major victory (the Iranian deputy foreign minister deemed it a triumph for the resistance front). Is there a greater decadence than this joy and exultation and harmony between them and Netanyahu?

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