mercredi 18 septembre 2013

US delegation visits wounded soldiers in Damascus

US delegation of the International Interference Center headed by former Justice Minister, Ramzi Clark, paid a visit to the army's wounded personnel at Martyr Yusuf al-Azma hospital in Damascus.

The delegation rejected the US policy and its threats of launching wars and affirmed their support to the Syrian people in facing terrorism, opposing the acts of the US government, including arming terrorist groups.

They stressed that the American people are peace-loving people and reject all forms of wars, pointing out that they watched the crimes committed by terrorists against the army's personnel.

Clark calls to act against wars

The US former Minister stressed the need for intensifed work and cooperation to prevent wars and threats of using force against any sovereign country.

In a statement During a visit to a shelter of the affected families in Dumar neighborhood, Clark expressed his sorrow over what he saw of displacement and torture against the Syrian citizens.

For their part, A number of the displaced citizens briefed the delegation on the crimes committed against them by the armed terrorist groups, like abduction, torture and sabotaging citizens' properties to force them to join the armed terrorist groups.

They also expressed their readiness to sacrifice their souls for defending Syria against any aggression.

B. Mousa / Mazen

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