mercredi 18 septembre 2013

Syrian Security Source Says Gunmen Have Land-Land Rockets, Sarin

Syrian security official confirmed Tuesday that the armed opposition militants have locally manufactured land - land rockets in addition to sarin gas, in the wake of the UN report on alleged use of chemical weapons in an attack on Damascus last month.

"I deny hundred percent the use of the Syrian army to the material," the Syrian official said in the first official reaction after the report.

"There is no justification to resort to this weapon because we are achieve victories on the ground," he stated, noting that "those who resort to this weapon is the defeated party who reached the point of suicide."

The source indicated that the Syrian army "is making progress in all areas, and operations are going according to the plan."

The official also underlined that "the terrorists manufacture land-land rockets locally, and that it is likely that they have put sarin gas in them", in reference to the a Ghota alleged attack in August 21.

"The terrorists know perfectly well how to install the material on missile warheads," the  Syrian official said, adding that they had "received training at the hands of U.S., British and French intelligence experts who are working with them on the ground."

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